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Aquarelle Roses Stretch Faux Knot Headband
Aquarelle Roses Stretch Faux Knot Headband

Aquarelle Roses Stretch Faux Knot Headband

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Stretch Faux Knot Headbands are incredibly versatile. Their seam is hidden behind the knot so can be worn with the knot or the flat band on top. Designed to be worn over the ears, they will also keep you warm as the days start to get a little more chilly.

With three sizes to choose from, you can select a fit best for you to ensure optimal comfort. Choose from 20”, 19” or 18”. It is essential that you measure your head. To do so, measure from the base of the skull to the top of the forehead or where you would like the headband to sit. Below is a sizing guide. But please remember, if you like a tighter fit, then you might want to opt for a smaller size. Equally for a looser fit, you may choose the size above. 

20” Headband - recommended headsize approx: 20.5”- 23”

19” Headband - recommended headsize approx: from 19.5” - 22”

18” Headband - recommended headsize approx: from 18.5”- 21” 

As a guide my headsize is 22” and my preferred fit is the 20” headband. 

At the widest point they are approximately 9cm. 

As they are handmade all measurements are approximate and small variations may occur. 

These can be machine washed if necessary at 30 degrees. Lay flat and air dry. Do not tumble dry as this may cause shrinkage. 

Remove all headbands before sleep. 

The colours shown may vary across different computer/mobile screens, but I have tried my best to display them as close as possible.

Everything is designed, sourced, cut, stitched, packed and posted by me in my kitchen workshop in the Kent Countryside.

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